Ryadovoy (Private) Stephania Plushenko

Beautifully Dangerous Sniper



Age: 26
Height: 5’1"
Weight: 105 lbs.

Brown hair, green eyes, olive complexion

Seasoned (25 XP)


Pace – 6
Parry – 4
Sanity – 5
Toughness – 4
Charisma – 0
Languages – Russian, German, Hungarian, English


  • Marskman – This hero excels at taking controlled, measured shots. If she does not move in a turn, she may fire as if she took the aim maneuver. Marksman may never be used with a rate of fire greater than 1. Marksman works with both shooting and throwing.
  • Trademark Weapon – The hero knows one unique weapon like the back of her hand. When using that weapon, she adds +1 to her Fighting, Shooting, or Throwing rolls. A hero can take this Edge multiple times, applying it to a different weapon each time. If a Trademark Weapon is lost, the hero can replace it, but the benefit of the Edge doesn’t kick in for two game weeks.
  • Dead Shot – On a Joker, the character doubles her total damage when making a successful Shooting or Throwing attack this round.


  • Small (Major) – Your character is either very skinny, very short, or both relative to her particular race. Subtract 1 from your characters Toughness for her reduced stature.
  • Heroic (Major) – Your hero never says no to a person in need. She doesn’t have time to be happy about it, but she always comes to the rescue of those she feels can’t help themselves. She’s the first one to run into a burning building, usually agrees to pull extra duty for little or no pay, and is generally a pushover for a sob story.
  • Cautious (Minor) – Some folks gather too much intelligence. This character personifies over-cautiousness. He never makes rash decisions and likes to plot things out in detail long before any action is taken.


  • Climbing – D4
  • Fighting – D4
  • Notice – D8
  • Shooting – D12
  • Stealth – D8
  • Streetwise – D6
  • Survival – D4
  • Tracking – D6


  • Model 1930G (7.62) – 2D*+1; AP 2; 24/48/96; RoF 1; 8 Rounds; Single Shot; Special: Snap Fire
  • Grenade (x1) F-1 Fragmentation – 3D6; 5/10/20; Medium Burst Template
  • Steel Helmet – +2 Armor to Head; 50% chance to protect vs. Head Shot


  • C-Rations (x3)
  • Haversack
  • Ammo Pouch (x2)
  • Canteen
  • Entrenching Tool
  • Lighter
  • Mess Kit
  • Web Belt
  • Uniform (Shirt, Trousers, Foot Wraps, Boots, Forage Cap)
  • Camouflage Snow Suit
  • Rifle Scope (+1 to Shooting beyond Medium Range if the hero doesn’t move.

Born and raised in Leningrad, Stephania Plushenko spent most of her young life dreaming of being a Prima ballerina for the Kirov Ballet, and competed fiercely with her friend and rival, Olga Lepeshinskaya. With the start of the Great Patriotic War, however, Stephania felt she could better serve the Motherland as a soldier, rather than a dancer, and traded in her bodice and tutu for a helmet and rifle.

The long, arduous hours of practice and performance have served Stephania well, as her small size, athleticism, agility, and discipline have helped mold her into a patient and deadly sniper. Having never lost that competitive edge from her days in the ballet, Stephania strives to kill more German invaders than any other Red Army sniper, but always puts the needs of her comrades and the Motherland first.

Ryadovoy (Private) Stephania Plushenko

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