Ryadovoy (Private) Anastasija Kayakova

Curious and Persuasive Medic



Age: 21
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 135 lbs.

Brown hair, hazel eyes, fair complexion

Seasoned (25 XP)


Pace – 8
Parry – 4
Sanity – 6
Toughness – 5
Charisma – 0
Languages – Russian, German, French, Italian, English


  • Fleet-Footed – The hero’s pace is increased by +2 and she rolls a D10 instead of a D6 when running.
  • Healer – A character with this edge adds +2 to all Healing rolls, whether natural or magical in nature. Up to five companions traveling with a Healer add the bonus to their natural healing rolls as well.
  • Level Headed – Fighters who can keep their cool when everyone else is running for cover are deadly customers in combat. A hero with this Edge draws an additional card in combat and acts on the best of the draw.


  • Curious (Major) – It killed the cat, and it might kill your hero as well. Curious characters are easily dragged into any adventure. They have to check out everything and always want to know what’s behind a potential mystery.
  • Vow (Major) – The character has a vow of some sort. Whether it’s Minor or Major depends on the Vow itself. Some may have Vows to particular orders or causes, to the Hippocratic Oath, to rid the world of , and so on. The danger in fulfilling the Vow and how often it might come into play determines the level of the Hindrance. Whatever the Vow, it’s only a Hindrance if it actually comes into play from time to time and causes the character some discomfort.
  • Loyal (Minor) – Your character may not be a hero, but she’d give her life for her friends. This character can never leave a man behind if there’s any chance at all she could help.


  • Fighting – D4
  • Healing – D10+2
  • Intimidation – D6
  • Knowledge (Medicine) – D8
  • Notice – D6
  • Persuasion – D8
  • Shooting – D6
  • Stealth – D6
  • Streetwise – D6
  • Survival – D4


  • Tokarev TT-33 (7.62) – 2D6; 10/20/40; RoF 1; 8 Rounds; Single Shot
  • Knife – Str + D4


  • C-Rations (x3)
  • Haversack
  • Ammo Pouch (x2)
  • Canteen
  • Entrenching Tool
  • Lighter
  • Mess Kit
  • Pistol Holster
  • Web Belt
  • Uniform (Shirt, Trousers, Foot Wraps, Boots, Forage Cap)
  • Greatcoat
  • Bandage (x5)
  • Field Medical Kit (10x) – Adds +2 to Healing Rolls

At the outbreak of war in 1939, young Anastasija Kayakova had just entered her final year of secondary education in Leningrad. By summer of 1941, she had completed her training as a Red Army nurse and was assigned to the 1077th Anti-aircraft Regiment under Colonel Raiynin in the Stalingrad Military District, spending most of her days honing her craft of healing as well as her readiness for combat.

When the German 6th Army attacked the city on 23rd August, she fought bravely alongside her sisters in the regiment, leveling their AA guns to fire upon the advancing Panzers. Two days later, all but a handful of the regiment had been killed or wounded, with Anastasija and the few survivors retreating to the shores of the Volga.

Despite the tempest of almost constant violence around her, Anastasija has remains relatively lighthearted. She is keenly observant and highly inquisitive, always finding a way to help those in need and ease the pain of the sick and wounded.

Ryadovoy (Private) Anastasija Kayakova

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