Efreitor (Corporal) Alexei Klutrova

Shell-shocked Tank Hunter



Age: 24
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 155 lbs.

Gray hair, blue eyes, dark complexion

Seasoned (25 XP)


Pace – 6
Parry – 4
Sanity – 4
Toughness – 5
Charisma – -2
Languages – Russian, Polish, Ukrainian


  • Bullseye – Many of the enemy’s fighting machines are terribly formidable, but well-trained and experienced gunners know just where to aim in order to hit a vehicle’s weak spot. Characters with this Edge may modify vehicle critical hit die rolls result by 1, up or down, when rolling for a critical hit.
  • Tank Hunter – To an infantryman, a tank is a near-invincible, armored, firebreathing monster. To a character with the Tank Hunter Edge, a tank is just a large target. When attacking armored vehicles, your hunter knows how to hit the weak points and adds +4 to the AP value of the weapon. This bonus applies to attacks with ranged anti-tank weapons or to closeup weapons like impact mines, bundles of grenades, and Molotovs.
  • Luck – The player seems to be blessed by fate. He draws 1 extra benny at the beginning of each game session, allowing him to succeed at important tasks more often than most, and survive incredible dangers.


  • Deathwish (Minor) – Having a deathwish doesn’t mean your character is suicidal – but he does want to die after completing some important goal. Maybe he wants revenge for the murder of his family, or maybe he’s dying from a disease and wants to go out in a blaze of glory. He won’t throw his life away for no reason, but when there’s a chance for him to complete his goal, he’ll do anything – and take any risk – to achieve it.
  • Hard of Hearing (Major) – Characters who have lost some of all of their hearing have this disadvantage. As a Minor Hindrance, it subtracts 2 from all Notice rolls made to hear, including awaking due to loud noises. A Major Hindrance means the character is deaf. He cannot hear and automatically fails all Notice rolls that depend on hearing.
  • Shell Shocked (Major) – Modern warfare puts tremendous stress on those on the front lines. Some soldiers are able to deal with it better than others, but in the end, everyone has a breaking point. Once that point is passed, psychological breakdown begins. Soldiers call it “the shakes,” “shell shock,” or “flak happy.” At a minor level the Shell Shocked Hindrance means your character has -1 to his Sanity and tends to stare a lot. As a Major Hindrance, Sanity and Charisma suffer a -2 penalty. At either level, whenever the character suffers Sanity loss, he must make a Spirit roll or be mentally incapacitated for 1D6 rounds (2D6 Rounds as a Major Hindrance).


  • Driving – D6
  • Fighting – D4-2
  • Guts – D6
  • Notice – D4
  • Repair – D8
  • Shooting – D8
  • Survival – D4
  • Throwing – D10


  • PTRD-41 (14.5) – 2D10; AP 3; 40/80/160; RoF 1; 1 Round; Special: Heavy Weapon, May Not Move
  • Grenade (x2) F-1 Fragmentation – 3D6; 5/10/20; Medium Burst Template
  • Knife – Str + D4
  • Tanker’s Helmet – +1 Armor to Head


  • C-Rations (x3)
  • Haversack
  • Ammo Pouch (x2)
  • Canteen
  • Entrenching Tool
  • Lighter
  • Mess Kit
  • Pistol Holster
  • Web Belt
  • Uniform (Shirt, Trousers, Foot Wraps, Boots, Forage Cap)
  • Greatcoat

At the outbreak of war, Alexei Klutrova was a student at the Stalingrad Industrial Pedagogical Institute with dreams of becoming a mechanical engineer, but by the Summer of 1942, with the German armies on the doorstep of his beloved home city, Alexei was working on the assembly lines of the Stalingrad Tractor Factory, helping produce T-34 tanks as fast the Germans were destroying them.

Alexei, like many of his comrades, rode the newly manufactured tanks straight off the assembly line and directly to the front to counter the German offensive. Unlike most of his comrades, Alexei returned to the factory, again, and again… and again.

Alexei is haunted by his experiences in the T-34s, having seen so many comrades killed, yet always returning unharmed. The countless tank engagements have left him stone deaf and shell shocked, and he’s often believed by his comrades to be cursed. However, he’s the first soldier they call when enemy armor appears.

Efreitor (Corporal) Alexei Klutrova

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